Virtual Reality: Inside Innovation Lab

Virtual Reality Inside Innovation Lab

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Welcome, everybody. Welcome to “Creative Skills for Innovation Lab” . In this lab today, we want to tap into your creativity to develop some meaningful solutions to a problem we all care about. The problem we want to tackle today is, how can we actually re-imagine team performance? So how might we build the most effective teams? And to do that, we’re going to use three distinct phases. The first phase is going to be around knowing the user.

-Let’s start off with, like, a really broad question. Where do you have your best ideas?

-Oh, man. My best ideas probably– I mean, if I’m just thinking about an idea, it would probably be on my bicycle.

So, in the first stage, we’re trying to literally go out into the world and talk to people. We do that by observing people or by interviewing people. After we get empathy with our users and really try to shift our perspective, we move into the 10x thinking phase. So, in our next phase, we’re going to do some 10x thinking. So really setting our minds to come up with these big, bold ideas. To do that, we actually want to move from no-but to yes-and. Instead of destroying ideas in its core by saying, no, but, try to accept ideas by saying, yes, and try to build on those ideas by saying, and. People love to stick with their first idea. Let’s put that idea up there, but move to the next idea, and the next idea, and then the next idea. So go for quantity instead of quality. Writing headlines helps you to describe your ideas in six or less words.

Instead of describing all the feature lists and how you want to make money and the business plan around your idea, try to keep it short– just a quick headline. Pictures speak more than words, so trying to be visual helps you to communicate your idea to others. Try to defer judgment. So don’t hold back your ideas because you think they’re too crazy. Share those ideas with each other and try to not judge ideas amongst each other. We’re looking for these big, bold ideas, so just beyond crazy, that’s fabulous. So let’s try to equip ourselves with some post-it notes and some Sharpies, and let’s develop at least 40 ideas in the next five minutes. In a quick brainstorm, as a group, you come up with 50 or 60 ideas really quickly. And then you give individuals time to elaborate on one or two ideas, to really sketch them out and put some more details towards those ideas. As soon as we have multiple 10x ideas, we actually moved towards prototyping. Great. Now we had a chance to develop many ideas as a group.

And you also explored some ideas by sketching them. Now let’s vote on the idea we are most excited about. Let’s take two stickers each and put those down on the ideas you like the most. I think voting gives everybody a chance to really have a democratic process around which one of the ideas you actually want to prototype. Excellent, thanks for voting. It seems like we have two winning ideas. The first one is actually something called a “confidence mirror.” So let’s explore what that idea is actually about. The second one is a board game to develop psychological safety. So the next stage, we’re going to do prototyping. Prototyping is a great mindset to actually develop our ideas and make them more tangible, to see what works and what doesn’t work.

There are actually two ways of prototyping. The first one is faking it. The second one is actually making it. If you want to make it, make it cheap or fast. So let’s start prototyping and get some materials to really see how the board game and the confidence mirror turn out. Ideally, we would actually prototype all of the ideas, but we haven’t invented a time machine yet. So really having a limited amount of time in prototyping helps us to build something quickly to test it out with our users. Thanks again for checking out the “Creative Skills for Innovation Lab.”

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