Granny Android/IOS Game MOD and Gameplay

Granny Android IOS Game

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Video games have been a favorite of children as well as adults since the time they were introduced. The vivid images, the fast movements, the background music and most of all, the story that unfolds before your eyes transports you to a world far different from the one you live in. We will talk in this article about the Granny game. It can be played on IOS and Android devices. We will also discuss using a Granny Mod to make it easy.

The games come in all genres. War games, games for younger kids and older kids, adventurous games and also horror games. Some of the games test your reasoning skills and some test your patience. But, the horror games are the ones that test your courage!

A new horror game that caught everyone’s fancy since its arrival on the video game scene is the Granny Android/IOS Game. It has become a sensation and is one of the most popular games to be downloaded from the Apple App and the Google Play Store.

Granny Game MOD Features

By using Granny Mod in the game you will get invisible. That means the granny can’t see you and you can run in the house at your will. You can very easily win the game or just having fun playing in the house without being afraid of the bad granny.

What is the Granny Horror Game?

The Granny Horror Game is about this house where lives Granny—Angelene’s mother and Slendrina’s grandmother. She lives in a dense forest and is supposedly a demon. Her origins haven’t been mentioned.

The Granny game for Android and IOS involves granny keeping the player locked in her house. The player has 5 days to escape the house. There are some painting pieces lying scattered around the house. If the player succeeds in putting the painting pieces together, then he gets one extra day to help himself escape her house.

But, if by chance, Granny catches the player, she knocks him out with her Bloody Bat. The player then lands back in the Starting Bedroom where the player first wakes up in the game.

Now, Granny can hear any noise, so when playing, the player has to remain extra cautious so as not to make a sound as he tries to flee. Granny goes towards any noise that falls on her ears.

Some items in the house make more noise than the others. And, if the player needs to hide, he can do so in the various cabinets or beds or some other areas so as to save himself from the wrath of Granny.

Granny has been provided with a large supply of bear traps that she places down to catch the player. As a result, the player has to be extra careful about where he is moving instead of looking for items around the house.

Granny’s appearance

Granny is an ugly, scary, mentally deranged woman. She has a long, dirty face, grey hair, hazy, white eyes and bloody teeth. She walks around in a dirty grey nightgown with a bloody bat in her hand that she uses to knock the player out.

Granny is sure to be an entity as her eyes glow. They glow red if the player kills her pet or holds a Teddy, a fact that goes to show she is definitely not a human.

The Granny Android/IOS Game starts with Granny staring at a bloodstain in the center of the basement. She spends some time staring at it until she hears a sound, after which she roams around the house looking for the player. She usually walks at a slow pace, but the moment she hears a sound she runs at a speed depending on the difficulty. And, if she spots the player, then she concentrates on finding the quickest way to reach the player.

Defenses against Granny

There are ways a player can knock Granny out, too. Yes, the player also has the upper hand, at times. So, if she gets hit by a tranquilizer dart, or gets locked in a Sauna for 15 seconds, or is run over by a car, she will be knocked out for a while. This lasts for 2 minutes, 1 minute, 30 seconds or 15 seconds, and if she is shot with a shotgun bullet, then she stays knocked out for an extra 30 seconds.

Reasons to use Granny Mod in game

As you can see the granny is not easy to defeat. It is very scary and frustrating to see her always after you. If you want to win the game easily or just to explore the house without being chased by the horror granny just use the Granny Mod and you will be fine.


Granny is a free to play, a horror game with elements like blood, grotesque art and scary effects that young children could find a bit too frightening. The features of the game suggest that Granny might be a cannibal. Players will also come across pools of blood and hanging raw meat, but the art style is such, the gory images come across as less realistic in nature. Older kids, or those above 13, might not find the game too scary, so it makes for good entertainment during the endless vacations!

Download it for Android and IOS and start playing it right now!


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